The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts has stressed the need for all the tourist attractions to be revamped, especially those in the three northern regions to help create more jobs and generate income for the country.

A lack of rehabilitation, innovative activities and promotion at the various sites had led to low patronage, thereby retarding the potential that could improve the livelihoods of the indigenes.

The local gone international festival of the people of Elmina, Edina Bakatue Festival is back again and promises to be the very best in recent years.

Bakatue is a festival celebrated by the people of Elmina to mark the beginning of a fishing season for the community. ‘Bakatue’ means ‘opening up the Benya Lagoon into the sea. This is done yearly on the first Tuesday of July in the rainy season. Tuesday is seen as the day for the sea.

Source: The Spectator  -  Boti Falls, a popular landmark in the Eastern Region, some few kilometres from Koforidua, the capital city is under serious threat.

The waterfalls, which passes through the Huhunya forest reserve has been turned into farmland for the cultivation of yam, cassava and maize.

The inhabitants in the area are indiscriminately felling trees planted to protect the river for charcoal burning.

Ghana`s Independence Square and also Black Star Gate in Accra. Yearly independence day celebrations, every March 6th, and many other events are being seen here!
There is space for 30.000 people, to sit and enjoy the show! Have you..

Paga Crocodile PONDS - As there are 4 different Ponds within Paga and area. We recommend, bring time with you and "shop" around. Each pond is charging a different fee! Please make sure, you receive an entrance ticket! Have you been...


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