Government had been urged to rehabilitate the original burial place of Ghana’s fist president, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, at Nkroful in the Western Region.

A Tour Attendant at the mausoleum, Mr Stephen Tandoh, noted that, the renovation would not only boost tourism but project the image of the late President as well as the entire nation.
See Here all pictures; NKROFUL - Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Museum (New Window)
Ghana celebrated the Founders day on Monday, September 21.
Mr Tandoh made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, after a visit to the mausoleum at Nkroful to see the conditions existing at the original burial place of the late Ghana’s First President.

Dr Nkrumah was originally buried at his home town, NKroful in 1972 but his remains was later exhumed and re-buried in Accra, near the arts and cultural Centre.

Mr Tandoh said the mausoleum has not seen any renovation for so many years thus leaving the place in a deplorable state, which discourages tourism.

The Tour Attendant said the fence wall had collapsed making it easy for intruders to litter the place, and that, the furniture had also deteriorated and the entire place in a mess.

He said the “mysterious” River Sublie, in which the first president picked a “mud fish” from, was gradually dwindling due to human activities along the banks and called on the authorities to act on it.

In order to raise funds to maintain the mausoleum, Mr Tandoh suggested the visiting fee be increased to reflect the current times.

He said students pay GHcedis 2.00, adults GHcedis 5.00 and foreigners GHcedis 10.00 for a visit, describing it woefully inadequate.  - Our Comment

The Nkroful mausoleum and museum was fully renovated September 2009.
If the place is now in a bad shape, then also as every one is just waiting for the government to intervene!
If that place is so important for t people of Nkroful and area, why don't they do something about this, them self??? Better Ghana is not coming from alone, but only if folks work on it, and show willingness, to maintain work done, just few years ago! 
It is a shame, for the people of Nkroful, for the chief of Nkroful, but also the staff at the museum site, to not maintain such a place.
Maintaining and respecting property, and work done over the past, does not need much money, but commitment. We therefore call on all people of Nkroful: If you have any respect, for yourself, get your hands working! Clean the place up! Do some repairs! 
Tourists bring also money into your pockets! But respect, respect will only come when you respect yourself, and your history!


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