A book detailing memoires of former President Dr Hilla Limann has been unveiled with scholars nostalgically ascribing the former president as humble, hero, uniquely honest and incorruptible who applied rule of law to the latter.

The 651-page book titled: “A Biography of Hilla Limann; Scholar, Diplomat, Statesman,” is authored by Professor Ivan Addae-Mensah, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana.
Prof Addae-Mensah who described Dr Limann as a very transparent man expressed the hope that the masterpiece would fill a gap in a period of Ghana’s history that did not get documentation.

“For those scholars, students, politicians, researchers, interested in the governance, political history, economic development and international relations of Ghana, this is a must read,” he said.

He said it was worrying that records of the former President were destroyed after his unjustified overthrow and no successive government made any conscious attempt to recognise and appreciate his contribution to the national economy.

“Even his photographs are hard to come by, not even in the Information Services Department or the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation,” he said.

“There is no single copy of the Daily Graphic covering Limann from 1979 to 1981 that can be found in the Balm Library,” Prof Addae-Mensah lamented.

“We should honour those who have laboured hard for Ghana and not for self,” retired diplomat, K.B Asante said.

It is no use preaching against corruption when those who are not corrupt have nothing but penury to show when they leave office,” he added.

“The example of Dr Limann would be of no avail unless it strengthens our will to establish an appropriate pension for retired presidents.”

Former first lady, Mrs Fulera Limann, also expressed the hope that the masterpiece of Prof Addae-Mensah would help clear misconception about her late husband, though she did not give details of those false impressions.

She also said the coup d’état that toppled her husband's legitimately elected government was unjustified, which reversed the country’s development agenda.

Academicians, politicians, scholars, diplomats and the public rushed for the available books and soft copies as the distributor, EPP Books Services, struggled to equate supply with the demand.
Source: GNA



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