(c) by Ghana Net - Traveling Ghana, Jan 2916 - . If possible, we recommend to avoid O.A. Travel, for any journey going further than Kumasi.
They are unfriendly and arrogant. Driving is very rough. Not only once, you ask yourself, where the driver made his driving licence. Is O.A. Travel training their drivers at all?
Their station in Accra has not changed for over 7 years. There are no toilets. The "toilets" at O.A. Accra station are not in a state, somebody wold like to go on. The place is over crowded, unorganised. Busy and dusty. Busses leave usually not in time. their first and only stop on the way to Kumasi; "Lindas Door Rest Stop".

Lindas Door offers not only very clean toilets, but also food and drink, for any taste.

O.A. Travel busses don`t stay long enough, for passengers, to have a go to the toilet and food after.
You are forced to choose between food or WC. Arriving at O.A. Travel station in Kumasi is an even greater disappointment! Dirty place. Unorganised. The WC is very dirty and they dear even to charge for!

If you are not in time, the bus would leave without you. Drivers don`t count the passengers, once boarded in Accra, destination Wa, Tamale or Bolgatanga and Navrongo.

As O.A/ Travel leaves Accra late afternoon, and arrives not earlier than 8 pm - 9 pm at Kumasi station, they will not even stop once on their way to Tamale. This means at least 5 hours journey, without being able to
even pee....

Finding Sleep

Finding some rest is not easy. During the night the driver is playing loud music.

Arriving late nights / early morning in Tamale... An even greater shock. The O.A. Travel compound has NO toilet at all. There is only on small office building. At the right back corner, under mosquito nets, people are a sleep.  Passengers relive themselves just few meters away...

Traveling further to Bolgatanga. The same mess at Bolgatanga station. No toilets at all. Just a dusty and dirty place.
There are 2 other options, traveling to Tamale: By Air from Accra and Kumasi or via STC and VIP bus.
3 times per week with STC from Accra. (new and large busses).

STC Option

If you have about $100 left over, travel by air to Tamale (on way) and via special bus further to Bolgatanga.
The question is, when will STC wake up and provide quality services to Upper East again, as they did in the past years.
The price for a  bus ticket from Accra to Bolgatanga or Wa; about $24. Luggage is extra. ($2.50 per bag via O.A. Travel)


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