The Western Togoland Assembly, one of the groups championing the return of the Western Togoland as an independent state from Ghana, has called for a stop in all political campaigns in the area ahead of the November 7, general elections in Ghana.

The Western Togoland which was said to be a German territory prior to Ghana's independence in 1957, presently comprises the Volta region and parts of the Northern and Upper East regions. (* Britain was given a mandate, to administrate the region by UNO and its predecessor 1923, France had the mandate for the other parts of German Togoland, now Republic of Togo)
Though citizens in these areas have actively participated in political activities in the country over the years, including voting during elections, the group claimed there was no legal basis for these areas to be considered as part of Ghana, despite the 1956 plebiscite.

Speaking at a recent press conference in Ho, General Secretary of the Western Togoland Assembly, George Korku Avotri said it was illegal and a violation of some international and UN treaties, for the Electoral Commission and political parties to conduct political activities in the area.

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“We urge the authorities of Ghana to put an end to all political campaigns and the illegal practices of extending ballot boxes and papers to across international boundaries for Western Togolanders to elect representatives into the Ghanaian parliament.

“We consider these practices as an act of aggression, trespass, violation of international law against Western Togoland and the violation of the sovereign rights of the good people of Ghana, of which the authorities of Ghana are responsible,” Avotri stated.

The group has therefore urged “the Electoral Commission of Ghana in the interest of peace to reconsider its decision to organize the 2016 elections in the territory of western Togoland, which is not an administrative region of Ghana."

There have been several calls in recent times by the group mostly from the Volta region for the secession of the area as an independent state. Another group, the Homeland Study group foundation made such a demand in February this year.


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