Source: Solomon Anderson - The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority says it is doing all in its power to take advantage of Tema Port's strategic location in the maritime world.

According to the General Manager of Personnel and Administration of GPHA, Kumi Adjei Sam, the port is being developed to position it as the centre of tourism on the continent.
“The concept is that these days vessels are becoming bigger and bigger that they don’t want to carry their items in small vessels so they take containers in very huge numbers and come and deposit all of them in Tema and then we distribute it along ports in West Africa and all these have been facilitated by the fact that longitude 0 passes through the city of Tema,” he said.

Speaking at an event to promote the tourism potential inherent in Ghana being the centre of the world, a leading pioneer of this course, Azonko Simpi stressed the need for Ghana to harness its tourism potentials.

“There are a lot of countries that are claiming the centre of the world, we don’t blame them they also have the right but if you want to look at the universal centre of the world, it is Tema. We found it necessary that we can use this for our time culture,” he said. 

The longitude 0 degrees which is also known as the Greenwich meridian passes through the city of Tema and the equator is just 600 kilometres from the port.

A representative from the Ministry of Tourism stressed the need to build an iconic tower in Tema to attract tourists both local and international in this direction.

The Tema Port has been touted by GeoTourism experts as one of the most tourist attractive Ports in the world considering its geographical position and advantage.

The Port of Tema is said to be the only Port in the world located closest to the centre of the world.



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