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With permission of the government of Ghana - Ghanaian citizens eat poison food!  Why is GM food being sold in Ghana, without warning labels?! (GM = Geneticaly Manipulated Food!) 

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This is our Ghana...and much more!

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Akwaaba! Willkommen!

Welcome to Ghana! Tips for your visit; 

Ghana`s beaches are as famous, as the Castles and Forts of Ghana are un-famous! Visit Fort Batenstein (Western region of Ghana) or make a trip to Fort Ussher in Accra! Fancy football? See the "Black Stars" in action, at Accra Sports Stadium!

There are so many more tourist destination`s in Ghana! An ancient stone Elephant-footprint in Bongo or the nearly unknown UNDERWATER CAVES in the rocks at Bongo (Upper East region)!  

Visit tropical waterfalls, experience a journy to Northern Ghana with a ferry on Lake Volta, or make a trip with the "Dodi Princess"!  

(From Akosombo Port, near the VRA Akosombo Dam)


Visit the  Parks of Ghana, as Kakum National Park or Aburi Botanic Gardens.. Why not visit Nkroful, Western region of Ghana! Nkroful is the birthplace of Ghana`s first president - Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. You`ll find there his Original Mausoleum and a  Village!  Nearby is also Nzulezo - a wooden village within a lake! 

On your way back from Nzulezo, visit Busia Beach, Butre Beach and Fort Batenstein! Why not visit Fort Three Crosses..? Sample the local food and drink!

In Sekondi-Takoradi discover more than just oil! If you like an adventure, why not taking a train from Takoradi to Kumasi (Ashanti), via Obuasi - Ghana`s Gold Mining town... Need Accommodation? ! The choice is yours!



Media in Ghana - Newspapers, Radio & TV
Ghana has a pluralistic and highly independent media. 

There are over 50 newspapers, most of which appear daily, except Sundays and some holidays. Two (2) of the press houses that publish these newspapers are state-owned enterprises. As of December 2014 - There are twenty-three (23) approved television stations, among which is the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), the state-owned station with a national coverage. Some 125 frequency modulation (FM) stations, as well as more than 100 Ghanaian lead radio stations operating from abroad and a number of cable television companies.                                                                                            See also the Ghana Live Radio link below.

Ghana Top News

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Yes - The real BONGO... Bongo Drums relate to this area of Africa as well!

Bongo offers a hilly climbing area around the Bongo district Upper East region of Ghana.

Bongo and Bongo district is a region with a bizarre and intriguing landscape. It lies 1/2 hour north of Bolgatanga (capital of Upper East region).

                                                                    >>> See the MP Albert Abongo website <<<

Beaches of Ghana. You like`it busy? Or calm? Your choice! Discover the beauty of Ghana`s coast line!

Why not vist the National Museum of Ghana info website or learn mor about the traditional flags of Ghana! Find out more about Ghana`s and Africas great culture! Just clck the pictures!

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Popular Tourist Sites In Ghana

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Ghana Tourism Sites

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Going out for dinner? Please ask your choosen restaurant or "Spot", for a meal prepared with delicious Ghana produce Rice! Support our Ghanaian farmers. You may also buy Ghana produce Rice directly and at a low price,  in front of MDPI Ghana (near Agriculture-Ministry)

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Accra stretches along the Ghanaian Atlantic coast and extends north into the country's interior. Originally built around a port, it served as the capital of the British-ruled Gold Coast between 1877 and 1957.

In the 1850s

Denmark sold Christiansborg and their other forts to the British. In 1873, after decades of tension between the British and the Asante people of central Ghana, the British attacked and virtually destroyed the Asante capital of Kumasi, and officially declared Ghana a crown colony. The British then captured Accra in 1874, and in 1877, at the end of the second Anglo-Asante War, Accra replaced Cape Coast as the capital of the British Gold Coast colony.

Ghana Independence Day 

- the 6th of March 1957.
Once merely a 19th-century suburb of Victoriaborg, Accra has since transitioned into a modern metropolis; the city's architecture reflects this history, ranging from 19th-century British colonial buildings to modern skyscrapers and apartment blocks.


Central Accra 

is compact, centered around the historical British, Danish, and Dutch forts.
Central Accra includes the Central Business District, which consists of the historic districts of Usshertown, Tudu, Victoriaborg, West Ridge, and East Ridge, as well as the historic residential districts of Jamestown, Adabraka, Asylum Down, North Ridge and Christiansborg/Osu.

Climate in Accra and area

The mean monthly temperature ranges from 24.7 °C (76.5 °F) in August (the coolest) to 28 °C (82.4 °F) in March (the hottest), with an annual average of 26.8 °C (80.2 °F).


> Accra Info and More pictures >

History of British Gold Coast (now Ghana)

The British colony in west Africa, 1821–1957
The Gold Coast was a British colony on the Gulf of Guinea in west Africa that became the independent nation of Ghana in 1957.


The first Europeans to arrive at the coast were the Portuguese in 1471. 

They encountered a variety of African kingdoms, some of which controlled substantial deposits of gold in the soil. In 1482, the Portuguese built the Castle of Elmina, the first European settlement on the Gold Coast. 

From here they traded slaves, gold, knives, beads, mirrors, rum and guns. News of the successful trading spread quickly, and eventually British, Dutch, Danish, Prussian and Swedish traders arrived as well. 

The European traders built several forts along the coastline. The Gold Coast had long been a name for the region used by Europeans because of the large gold resources found in the area. The slave trade was the principal exchange for many years.

The British Gold Coast was formed in 1867 .. 

>>> Read More at British Gold Coast >>> (new Window)


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Why Crocodiles are Sacred in Paga

The history of the crocodiles of Paga is tied to Nave (Nah-vey`), paga`s patriarch and founder. 

The nave`s story goes back more than a dozen generations to Tampela and Kampala in the day Burkina Faso and begins with Nave`s father, Prince Panlogo.
Upon his father`s death, Panlogo contested for the position of Pio (chief) but lost to his junior brother.
Dissatisfied with this turn of events, Panlogo left ...  > Read & See More Pictures >

Ghana Dating Scam (info website) Find here informations about Ghana/Nigerian Dating and Gold Scam!

You may also visit;  for further news updates!

Fantasy Coffins of Ghana are mainly made in Teshi-Nungua, Accra - interesting and unique!

- soon more!

Establised in 1896 by the British as "Fort Kumasi" on the foundation of the destroyed Ashantene (King) palace, to control the Ashantis, as well Northern regions of what is today Ghan... >>> See More >>>

Please note; You need a passport valid for at least 6 months, to obtain a visa to Ghana!

Visa Fees between $40 - $250, depending where you apply for your visa and the lenght of your stay in Ghana.

You might be requested to show yellow fever and Hep. A + B documents. Please protect yourself aginst MALARIA, as Ghana is a high risk country in Africa!

Ghana Highlife

Fort Ussher and Museum, Accra, located in Ussher Town, near Lighthouse and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. Interesting to go there!

Fort Batenstein, located at Butre, Western region of Ghana. About 40 min from Takoradi, near Busia Beach.

Phantastic view around!