(Part 3) The native people of Ghana included the Ga-Adangbe in the Accra Region, the Ewe in the Volta Region and the Mole-Dagbane. 

The Mole- Dagbani

The Mole-Dagbane originated from one common ancestor. It is believed that the land was preoccupied by the Mamprusi, Mossi and Dagomba deriving from smaller communities. From the twelfth century A.D., warriors invaded northern Ghana. Using their power of rule on the natives...

(Part 2) There are other Akan people some of which includes Adanse, Akwanmu and Asante. 

The Adanse

The Adanse is presently part of Asante, believed to be were the creation of the world began. Adanse was also made up of a number of independent states forming a coalition.
In the sixteenth century, their leader Awirade Basa aimed to unite the Adanse. A sword was created by Awirade Basa being a symbol for Adanse unity. The sword was held by the person who led the men to war. In the time of peace the holder of the sword was not conceived as a ruler. Adanse was subject to many wars and conflicts, resulting in the separation of its people to other home lands...

(Part 1)  The most comprehensive group in Ghana are the Akan, consisting of various divisions. Some of these included Bono, Asanta, Fante and Sehwi. Collectively they have religious, cultural and political ascendancy. The most dominant languages of the Akan are Twi and Fante. 


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